The Taste of Indonesia

The Spirit of Sarirasa

While knowing the journey of preserving traditional Indonesian cuisine would not be easy, we embraced ourselves to take the first step in the challenging journey.

Every edge of Indonesia has become our biggest inspiration. In every step that we take, in this years and years of journey. In every story that we composed in this manuscript of life. we are committed to always strive to be better than we are yesterday. In hope to unveil the wonders of Indonesia to the rest of the world.

Company Overview

Sarirasa Group was founded with the aim to be a catalyst in introducing, honoring, preserving, and promoting Indonesian’s culinary heritage.

Sarirasa Group is intended to be a preeminent company in developing restaurants which serve time-honored Indonesian recipes that are not only authentic but also modern. Sarirasa Group presents long-lasting brands that not wither despite the fast evolving trend in the culinary world and be open minded about it.