Sarirasa 45th Anniversary

10 Feb 2020

Culturally diverse with 300 ethnic groups spread across 17,000 islands, Indonesia is equally blessed with rich culinary heritage. Perceiving this heritage as a treasure that needs to be preserved and shared for the whole world to taste, we started Sarirasa Group in1974.

Forty-five years have passed, and three children were born; Sate Khas Senayan, Tesate, and Gopek. Together as a family, we have shared authentic Indonesian flavours that stood against time for decades. Along this journey, we have witnessed many heartwarming moments shared between you and your family. Connections that were made, differences that were put aside, and funny stories that were told and retold.

Moments of utmost joy and words filled with wisdom, all passed down from a generation to countless generation to come. The wisdom that inspired us to change for the better, including our commitment to go zero waste, one step at a time. To celebrate those flavourful moments in the past and many more to come in the future, we are inviting you to join our 45th Anniversary with #BerbagiCeritaTentangRasa