Early Bird Promo - Hampers Special Ramadhan from S

11 Mar 2023

Celebrate the togetherness of the holy month of Ramadan by enjoying Special Delivery from Sarirasa Catering. Get a special 10% discount for ordering Ramadhan Special Delivery!

Ramadan Special Delivery:
1. Delivery of Mixed Ketupat Tampah
2. Delivery of Ketupat Mixed Besek
3. Delivery of Kolak Campur Kendil
4. Delivery of Kebuli Rice (Goat / Chicken)

Terms and Conditions:
1. Minimum order D-2
2. Order period: 12 March - 1 April 2023
3. Shipping from March 14, 2023
4. Orders can be made through Sarirasa Catering, Sarirasa Connects and Online Shop (Shopee and Tokopedia)
- Specifically for the Bali area, only Ketupat Campur is available for delivery by calling the Sate Khas Senayan outlet telephone number:
0361-4757101 (Kuta Beachwalk)
0361-4467780 (Jimbaran Sidewalk)