Hampers Mooncake from Sarirasa Catering

29 Aug 2023

Celebrate the Mooncake Festival with your beloved friends and family with Hampers Mooncake from Sarirasa Catering which contains various mooncake flavors

Hampers Mooncake
IDR 400,000
Consists of 4 Mooncakes containing the following flavor variants (you can choose):
Mooncake filled with durian walnuts / Mooncake filled with black sesame walnuts / Mooncake filled with walnut red beans / Mooncake filled with pandan walnuts

Terms and Conditions:
1. Minimum order H-2
2. Orders can be made via Sarirasa Catering, Sarirasa Connects and Online Shop (Shopee and Tokopedia)
3. Collection/delivery at least 2 days after payment
4. The form of delivery can change at any time
5. Prices do not include tax
6. Available only for the Jabodetabek area